MRP® gives you the tools to demonstrate the value of your media relations campaigns.

MRP® was created by members of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) in answer to a need for an industry wide standard in media evaluation and after consulting with the Public Relations Industry for 3½ years.
MRP® is a registered trademark of the CPRS

Media Relations Rating Points® is the Canadian standard for evaluating and reporting editorial media coverage for public relations initiatives originating in Canada. This industry standard evaluation and measurement system is a subscription-based tool that helps you:

  • Analyze and score media coverage
  • Attach clips – proof of coverage
  • Produce comprehensive and professional reports
  • Demonstrate ROI

How does MRP work?

As a subscriber, allows you to complete your MRP® report in an easy to use, efficient manner.

  • Evaluate your media coverage (i.e. your clips, airings etc.) for tone and criteria.
  • Enter an audience reach number using the media outlet database provided by
  • Produce comprehensive and professional reports
  • The MRP® system automatically calculates your MRP® score and your Cost-Per-Contact (CPC).

What is Fifth Story's Role in MRP?

CPRS selected Fifth Story to provide standardized audience-reach data, as well as manage and support the web site.

This data is gathered from the top Canadian media research companies and provides data regarding Canadian audiences. Through surveying the general public, they determine what Canadians are listening to, surfing, watching or reading. These companies include:

  • comScore Media Metrix - Web/URL data
  • BBM Nielsen Media Research Inc - Broadcast data (TV/Radio)
  • NADbank - National Daily Newspaper data
  • Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) - National Magazine data
  • KubasPrimedia
  • Provincial Newspapers Associations across Canada
  • Fifth Story - Trade Magazine and Supplementary Web/URL data

MRP® is endorsed by the Canadian Public Relations Society, International Association of Business Communicators of Toronto, Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms.

How do I subscribe to MRP?

Subscribing is simple. Click here and complete the subscription form and an MRP representative will contact you to complete the process.

For more information or demo, contact:

Jenny Cruxton, Manager Business Development
416-599-9900 ex. 217


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